SKINNICe Laboratoires Expanscience Suisse

SKINNICe Laboratoires Expanscience Suisse from Switzerland was founded in 1990 and standing with more than 20 years of experience in premium skin solutions. With the mission of empowering every women and man with a confidence that radiates from the inside out and serve the purpose to provide quality, safety and beauty to life.

Our wide range of premium skin solutions are developed specially for women and men , being distributed in more than 10 countries which include specific product lines for acne, anti-aging, pigmentation and whitening.

Our Products

Aqua Skin product series are formulated with high quality, high effective and high safety ingredients, providing you result driven solution to skin concerns like skin firmness, skin texture and radiance, wrinkles and spots. Our product line formulas are categories into the following series:

  • Whitening
  • Pigmentation
  • Problematic skin
  • Hydration
  • Anti- aging

Product Development

SKINNICe Laboratoires Expanscience Suisse is equipped with professional in-house laboratory and Research and Development Team which conduct the majority of the research and development on site. This process expedite manufacturing time as well as reducing time to shelf. The whole production process from design to packaging is fully compliance to national regulations and international standards.



SKINNICe Laboratoires Expanscience Suisse is always ready for breakthrough in the Skin Solutions and Dermatology industry through advance technology that is revolutionary. Our R&D team is actively in collaboration with partners inside and outside of Switzerland for different research areas and industry sectors. We are always ahead of trend to develop new Skin Solutions and Dermatology products that gives our customers a variety of new technology and innovative products with high performance, innovative, captivating formulas to meet your needs.

Beauty is for everyone

Regardless of men or women, we believe that all of us deserves the beauty of life. Be it the appearance, be it health or be it self-confident. Aqua Skin Serie Products delivers to you result driven solution with high quality and safety that is for him and her.